Tuition Info/Financial Aid

Early Acceptance Tuition Incentive

NYCTCM offers a 10% credit to first trimester tuition for newly matriculated and transfer students. (This offer does not apply to Chinese Herbal Medicine Program for ACU Graduates)

To take advantage of this benefit, applicants need to complete their application documents before deadline. Please contact the Admissions Office for details.

*Please note that the trimester-by-trimester tuition amounts are based on the “typical” programs found in our catalog and does not include 9-credit bioscience prerequisites.

Actual tuition amounts will vary according to each student’s specific program and are currently calculated at $376 per credit ($622 per credit for clinic internship). These rates are subject to change.

I-20 students, students certified for VA/GI Bill tuition assistance and non-matriculated students must pay their full tuition on or before the first day of classes.


Academic Year 1 Academic Year 1
Trimester 1  $5,640.00 Trimester 1  $4,888.00
Trimester 2  $5,452.00 Trimester 2  $5,264.00
Trimester 3  $6,016.00 Trimester 3  $4,700.00
Academic Year 2 Academic Year 2
Trimester 4  $7,144.00 Trimester 4 $6,016.00
Trimester 5  $6,928.00 Trimester 5  $6,392.00
Trimester 6  $6,884.00 Trimester 6  $7,144.00
Academic Year 3 Academic Year 3
Trimester 7  $6,508.00 Trimester 7  $6,436.00
Trimester 8  $6,132.00 Trimester 8  $6,508.00
Trimester 9  $6,740.00 Trimester 9  $7,116.00
 TOTAL  $57,444 Academic Year 4
    Trimester 10  $7,376.00
    Trimester 11  $6,624.00
    Trimester 12  $6,248.00
     TOTAL  $74,712

Financial Aid

New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (NYCTCM) has been approved by the U.S. Department of Education and the New York State Education Department to administer financial aid programs. Interested students are encouraged to contact NYCTCM’s Financial Aid Office as early as possible to determine eligibility and begin the application process.

ALL financial aid recipients must complete the FAFSA, all paperwork and any additional processes by the stated deadlines. New students and students who do not previously have financial aid at NYCTCM may find the deadlines on the Events Calendar on the school website. Current students with existing financial aid will be notified via email regarding any upcoming deadlines for the following trimester.

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