Classes Open to the Public
New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine offers several classes that are open to enrollment by the general public with no special prerequisites. Please see the following for a list of these courses and it's descriptions.

History and Philosophy of Chinese Medicine
This course covers the history of the development of Traditional Chinese Medicine and its fundamental philosophical contents, Yin-Yang & Five-Element theory. The class will review the formation of TCM and its most important achievements over its 4,000 year history. Comprehensive works and the special contributions of important TCM practitioners to this medicine will be discussed. The class will also discuss the modern development of TCM and provide a chronological comparison of western and eastern medicine.

Tai Chi & Qi Gong
These are popular gentle energy movement exercises. It combines exercise with the Chinese philosophy of Qi circulation. The aim is to put students in touch with their own Qi, which will enable them to understand the role of Qi in the maintenance of health in the human body.

All other courses are open to enrollment by non-matriculated students only if they satisfy all program entry requirements as well as all prerequisites for that particular course.